Elizabeth Kate Teaches in Russia


Elizabeth Kate Teaches in Russia

Professor Elizabeth Jackson, a tenured professor In the department of Communications School of Journalism at California State University (USA), will be teaching a course in English on “International Issues in Regional and Local Media”. The course is designed for 20 teaching hours and will last until the end of April.

Professor Jackson calls herself a traveling professor. She has taught in many countries abroad and is now teaching our undergraduate students studying in the specialization “International Journalism.” Professor Jackson came to Russia with the support of the U.S. Fulbright Program, which organizes exchanges of teachers and researchers in the U.S. and other countries. Elizabeth was surprisingly responsive to requests from the student audience. She conducts an ongoing dialogue with them, trying to combine her interests with those of the students. “I think this is very important: to be able to understand the person with whom you’re talking”, said our guest, “It gives an opportunity to better teach any material, even seemingly far removed from the daily lives of students.”

Its very interesting to listen to Professor Jackson, partly due to her large worldly and professional experience, Professor Jackson not only theorizes about the mass media, but also is an excellent practitioner who wrote and directed a number of documentaries. One of them is “To survive in Abyssinia” (2000), presented at the International Documentary Competition, was even awarded the jury prize. for many years, Jackson produced television programs, and was  recognized for her production “Looking into the life”. At the time, she was awarded the title of “Professor of the Year” – from the International Fund of Education and Social Support – for her educational activities in Africa.

Today, she is, in addition to teaching and journalism, actively involved in charity work aimed at the adoption of children and adolescents in hostile social environments. So those who attend Professor Jackson’s lectures, consider yourself really lucky. It is indeed a very important field of study.

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