Charles Avenue Receives Historic Designation


Stirrup Legacy Milestone: Charles Avenue Receives Historic Designation

CHARLES AVE PLACKARD 2On Friday, July 20, 2012, the HEP (Historical and Environmental Preservation Board) voted 6-0 to forever honor Charles Avenue by making it an Historic Designation Roadway. Originally known as Evangelist Street, it was a booming hub of commercial, social, and cultural activity for the local Bahamian American residents at the dawn of the twentieth century, During Coconut Grove’s (and Miami’s) infancy, E.W.F. Stirrup Sr. was instrumental in the development of the street. From the Charlotte Jane Memorial Park Cemetery at one end, to the property where the Coconut Grove Playhouse now stands at the other–with a grocery store, dry goods store, meat market, bicycle repair shop, and tailor shop in between–E.W.F. Stirrup’s pivotal role in the history and development of this now Historic Designation Roadway cannot be minimized, and must never be forgotten.

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