City of Miami Honors Stirrup Family

Culminating African American History Month festivities, the City of Miami presented the Stirrup Family with an official proclamation honoring the legacy of our patriarch E.W.F. Stirrup and his commitment to providing affordable housing for the community.

Festivities, held at Plymouth Congregational Church in Coconut Grove, were attended by Stirrup’s  grandson E.W.F. Stirrup III and wife Barbara, granddaughter Edeane (Woodye) Stirrup, and great-granddaughters Monique (Nikki) Jefferson (SFL board), LaTasha Stirrup and Stirrup Family Community Liaison LaToya Stirrup. Two other prominent Coconut Grove families–the H. E. Sigismund Reeves and the Daniel William Anderson Family–were recognized as well.

Following worship service, a jazz brunch was held with the Brenda Alford Trio providing entertainment. Contributions were made to benefit the United Negro College Fund. The Stirrup Family is humbled and truly honored to receive our city’s recognition. The Stirrup Family Legacy lives, and will continue to live on.


The Family Homestead “Grandpa’s House” Begins Renovations

On historically designated Charles Avenue (formerly Evangelist Street), the iconic Stirrup House, the home Coconut Grove pioneer and developer E.W.F. Stirrup built himself in 1899, is getting a major face lift. In collaboration with a local development group, Stirrup House will soon be open to visitors.

Both Charles Avenue and Stirrup House have been designated Historic Sites by the City of Miami. Until the mid-1980s, “Grandpa’s House” served as a primary residence for the first thru forth generation Stirrup family members at some point in their lives. E.W.F Stirrup lived there until his death in 1957.

This marks an exciting new chapter in the Stirrup family story. We will be posting updates on progress in the coming weeks and months.


Happy One Year Anniversary to the Stirrup Family Legacy!

On behalf of the Stirrup Family Legacy Team, we humbly thank all who have found us and all who continue to support us.

“We are not the same persons this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person.”

– W. Somerset Maugham – 


Education Post: SmartBrief For Teachers

As part of our ongoing efforts to promote the Stirrup Family Value of EDUCATION, we present this week’s post on Teaching and Education.

Experience the latest Accomplished Teacher SmartBrief on Common-Core Tests in works for Students With Severe Disabilities.


“Kate the Great” Runs For Glory–And an Education



The Stirrup family has been blessed with family members who have and continue to excel in a variety of pursuits and endeavors. Today our family honors the great-great-grand daughter of our beloved patriarch E.W. Franklin Stirrup Sr. and matriarch Charlotte Jane Stirrup. Yesterday, Katelyn Jackson chose to honor herself, her parents, and the Stirrup Family Value of EDUCATION–while following her mother’s (and other family members) footsteps–by signing a national letter of intent to attend the University of California, Los Angeles on a full athletic scholarship. Not only will Katelyn receive a first class education, she will also share her father’s experience as a collegiate scholar athlete. We congratulate her parents Paul and Amy Jackson for recognizing, nurturing, and supporting Katelyn’s interests and talent. The Stirrup Family Legacy celebrates Katelyn Jackson as she enters this exciting new phase of her life. As her cousin and S.F.L team member LaToya Stirrup is fond of saying, “Go Get It!”


Education Post: SmartBrief For Teachers

The Stirrup family is blessed with many family members, in multiple generations, choosing the field of TEACHING for their life’s work. This helped ensure the instilling of the Stirrup Family Value of EDUCATION in later generations of Stirrups. As part of our ongoing efforts to promote the Stirrup Family Value of EDUCATION, we will be presenting regular posts addressing the areas of Teaching and Education.

Experience the latest Accomplished Teacher SmartBrief on 12 ways teachers can use social media in the classroom.

President Obama3

President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative: Stepping Up for the Little Brothers

Watch this historic moment in its entirety…

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What can we do in our own communities to support this initiative?


This past week, the President took a resounding step towards the cementing of his legacy by reaching out to young boys and men of color in a way unprecedented for both the office and himself. During the unveiling ceremony of the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, President Obama shared some very personal feelings, actions, and behaviors from his youth that many boys and young men of color (and others) could surely relate to. In doing so, he drew the connection between his experience and theirs, then bridged that connection with words stressing the importance of alternative attitudes and behaviors. He also recounted some alarming statistics surrounding young boys and men of color  that heard in isolation and succession could leave one cold and filled with doubt about the very survival of the species. Framing this condition as an outrage, while stressing that we all have an opportunity to play a part in rectifying this alarming state of affairs, the President delivered on his part with the announcement of his new initiative.   Watch the video now…




A Miami Born Bahamian who Impacted the World

We at the Stirrup Family Legacy are passionate about expanding Bahamian awareness and preserving Bahamian culture. Today we mark the birthday of Sir Sidney Poitier, a native son who hails from Cat Island, Bahamas.

I can think of no other individual that has been a greater personification of this ideal. He has lead on so many fronts: artistic, cultural, social, and political to name a few. When in his presence, you feel his quiet elegance, his verve, his star power. He inspired me and countless other people of color who aspire to a life in the arts. He is truly a great man from a great part of the world…our part of the world.


Join the Stirrup Family Legacy in Our Ongoing Celebration of African American History

History and legacy is what our site is all about. We strive to keep the flames of our descendant’s memories and deeds alive and flourishing in our hearts and the hearts of all family members to follow. Our family is united and strengthened by these memories. African-American History Month was born of similar ideals. We at the S.F.L. are committed to sharing both our family story and our people’s broader story with all who visit. Join us daily as we share with you pieces of the African-American story–which is truly the American story.

online research 1

Announcing the Launch of the Charlotte Jackson Research & Learning Portal!

online research


In the spirit of the Stirrup Family Legacy’s commitment to EDUCATION and SERVICE, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Charlotte Jackson Research & Learning Portal. The portal is located in the FUTURE LEGACY area of our site. We encourage you to bookmark this page as a starting point for your online research efforts. We will regularly add more links to resources designed to make lifelong learning more efficient and fun.

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