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Our team is comprised of digital media, marketing, education, and other professional family members who are committed to promoting the ideals and goals of SFL. We work as a team to offer the best possible resources for everyone, whether a first time visitor or a regular member of the SFL community. Meet and connect with the team…


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LaToya Stirrup

Community Liaison

The Stirrup family story is one shared by many families who migrated to the US in hopes of a brighter future. Like most trailblazing pioneers, my great grandfather, E. W. Franklin Stirrup, had a vision and purpose. His mission was to create opportunities through home ownership for Bahamians arriving to South Florida in search of work, as well as others within the African-American community at a time when segregation was the norm.

As we look back at his achievements, the sense of pride and community that is woven into his legacy serves as a tremendous inspiration to continue building upon the past thereby creating a wonderful present and lasting future.

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Gary Simpson

Digital Curator

It is my honor to coordinate the digital presence of SFL. It is here in the digital space where the Stirrup Family story can best be shared and have the most lasting impact.

I’m passionate about SFL, because I have seen its positive impact on both our family and our community. It is my hope that SFL will be a resource for positive change by promoting the values that have inspired positive change within our own family.

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Lisa Franklin

Brand Manager


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Joelle Taylor


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Gena Townsend


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